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Concrete Lifting - Cornwall Ontario

North Country Insulation believes in the power of foam. Our ProLift 2.5 Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Foam is the solution for Cornwall and surrounding area residents who struggles sunken or unlevel walkways or driveways.

The concept of lifting or raising concrete instead of replacing it has been around for a long time. But in the past the only technology that was available was called mud jacking. Mud jacking uses holes drilled into the concrete slab to inject a concrete slurry under ground to raise and level the slab.

But in recent years, polyurethane foam has been used instead. The foam has a high compressive strength yet is very light. The light weight of the foam does not further add stress to the settling soil, making it a great option for Ontario home and property owners.

Slab Lifting of concrete slab in front of garage. Driveway repair using foam injection.

Why spend big $$$ to replace your sunken or unlevel concrete? We can LIFT it for you.

Void Filling – Cornwall Ontario
In some cases the concrete may not be sunken but you may experience a void beneath the concrete slab. This is a common occurrence that can take place from settling soil or from wash out. North Country Insulation can inject our polyurethane foam beneath the slab and prevent possible damage from occurring in the form of cracking and or settling.

The process is simple. Once your concrete lifting quote has been accepted, our team arrives at your location with our equipment. Small holes are drilled strategically in the slab to lift and level the concrete. Depending of the condition of the slab, either a partial lift or a full measured lift is possible. Once the foam has done its job, small patches are made to cover the holes. You now have a level and secure concrete slab.

Call us today to have an experienced technician come for a site visit and a free estimate. Some of the common jobs we are lifting for our customers are garage slabs, sunken driveways, uneven walkways and shop floors.

Concrete Lifting Cornwall Ontario

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Concrete stairs can be lifted. Many stairs have a hollow interior and these are much easier to lift. Solid concrete stairs are much more difficult.

Concrete lifting is done by drilling holes through the slab and injecting foam under the slab to either fill the void or to lift the slab with the foam’s high compressive strength.

Of course the answer to this question depends on the type of job. But an average cost for residential projects can vary from $1550 to $2500. The cost is much less than replacing the slab.

Yes. Very frequently we are called by homeowners and property managers to lift concrete in order to prevent water from pooling and creating a slip hazard when water freezes.