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North Country Insulation is a certified spray foam contractor. We offer the best Ontario has to offer in quality insulation installs. North Country’s closed cell spray foam insulation product has a high r-rating and is both air and vapour barrier in one. For homeowners looking to create a comfortable living space and to reduce heating costs, spray foam may be the right choice for you

R20 2x6 walls spray foam in Ottawa

What is the difference between open cell and closed cell spray?

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation does not need a vapor barrier installed over it. Visually the appearance of the foam is typically smoother than open cell. It has a high compressive strength and adds structural stability. Closed Cell Foam prevents air infiltration and can improve indoor air quality from stopping air born polens from entering.

Vaulted Joists sprayed and shaved open cell foam

Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell Polyurethane Foam uses a water blown blowing agent and has a low exotherm. This makes open cell a safe foam to fill large voids. Applying pressure to this surface of the foam will penetrate its surface. It has approximately half the r-value of closed cell foam. It has 100x expansion from it’s wet form.

Where is spray foam used?

Spray Foam Insulation can be used anywhere convetional insulation is used. Many homeowners and contractors choose to use spray foam in rim joists as this is a very hard area to insulate with batt & poly. Cantilevers and Garage floors with living space above are also areas where batt and poly often fail. Basement and main floor walls are also insulated with foam. Basement walls when done in spray foam often change the overall comfort level of the basement as moisture from the concrete wall is kept outside the building. 

Attic Insulation is done in the form of fibreglass loosefill insulation in most cases. But did you know that closed cell spray foam insulation in the attic can increase the seal on your home and help issues like ice damming. Many homes constructed prior to the 1980s have insufficient vapor barrier. This allows moisture and warm air from the home into the attic and creating condensation. North Country Insulation can remove the old insulation by using an attic vacuum. Once the insulation has been removed, spray foam can be applied directly to the drywall. This type of installation gives the attic a vapor barrier and air tight seal.


Properly installed spray foam insulation will not crack or sag. Certified installers test jobsites for substrate temperatures and humidity levels and know how to spray within parameters.

No. When spray foam is applied by a professional, the resulting polyurethane foam is inert and very safe.

No. The foam sold in hardware stores called Froth Packs, are rated as sealant in Canada and should be used to seal small areas in the home. It is neither cost effective or safe to attempt to insulate your home this way.

Absolutely. We are happy to come by and look at your insulation project and provide a free quote for the best insulation solution for you.